A Mini-book About Feelings For Kids

My Book About FeelingsThis miniature book about feelings for kids comes to us from Scholastic.com.  That’s right, the people known for school book fairs and those book order forms that your kids bring home all the time also offers a series of mini printable books for kids.

This particular book helps young children (officially aged 3-5, but potentially slightly older kids too) an opportunity to write about their feelings.  At only 8 half-pages long, this rhyming book asks kids to write out what makes them happy, sad, scared, mad and glad. In addition, it asks children to record the best feeling they’ve ever had and one additional emotion of their choice.

This resource can be potentially very valuable for younger children experiencing intense emotions following the divorce of their parents.  While it lacks a certain depth, any exercise which helps these kids to identify their own emotions can have a healing effect, and we would recommend this resource for younger children.

For a more extensive treatment of emotions and helping kids to recognize and deal with them, as well as a resource for older children, please see the resource we developed in conjunction with Divorce Ministry 4 Kids titled My Feelings Workbook.

LINK: My Book About Feelings.

For more awesome resources for learning about, and dealing with, emotions, please check out the Hope 4 Hurting Kids Emotions Help Center.

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