Divorce and Children: Advice for Parents on Putting Children First




Divorce and ChildrenThis website is the homepage of Christina McGhee.  Christina is a divorce coach and parent educator.  The focus of her work is on “helping children and families successfully manage the challenges of divorce.”  The focus of much of what Christina does is to help children and families to use the difficult events and circumstances they find themselves in as a result of divorce as a catalyst for positive change.


Divorce and Children is packed full of useful information for divorced and divorcing who desire to help their children adjust.  One of the best features of this page is a collection of resources for parents.  These articles are packed full of great information for parents and cover topics like:

  • Do’s and Don’ts

  • Help Your Children
  • Adjustment Factors
  • Talking to Kids
  • Caring for Self
  • Parent With Your Ex
  • When to Find Help
  • Two Homes
  • Dating
  • Blended Family
  • Alienation Issues

In addition to these articles, you will want to check out Christina’s blog and Facebook page.


This site offers a litany of great advice for parents, and we would recommend it as a great starting point for parents wishing to help their kids deal with divorce.  We appreciate Christian’s focus on children and on trying to find the “silver lining” in a difficult situation.

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