How To Put Children First in Divorce (Child Centered Solutions)

Putting Children First 3Many parents lose sight of their children’s needs during a divorce.  That is why we were excited to find this pamphlet from child centered solutions is designed to help parents to keep their children’s needs first when going through a divorce.  The pamphlet addresses the following topics:

  • Stewardship vs. Ownership Parenting
  • How do you prepare children for divorce?
  • How do you help children cope with family change?
  • What are some positive parenting strategies?
  • What questions should parents ask before developing a parenting plan?
  • What is a workable parenting plan?
  • What are some strategies for handling conflict?
  • What should you communicate to your children’s school?
  • What is a custody or parenting evaluation?
  • Where can additional resources be found?

In section includes bulleted lists of useful advice and suggestions for parents to follow to help ensure that they are putting their kids first during the divorce.


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