What Is It Like When Your Parents Get Divorced?

Dealing With Divorce TeensThis article from SafeTeen.org helps teens to understand how they might feel following the divorce of their parents and things they can do to help.  Although brief, this article provides a good overview and some sound suggestions.  The article explains:

Your parents are getting a divorce. Whether this is expected or unexpected, it is a traumatizing and overwhelming event to experience. Sometimes, teens and children feel like they somehow caused the divorce.

It offers the following advice to teens on how to make the divorce easier:

  • Be fair to both parents
  • Work it out
  • Stay in touch
  • Don’t worry about the future
  • Keep living your life
  • Focus on the positive

Although the article does not provide much in depth information or advice, is it a good overview for teens.

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LINK: http://www.safeteens.org/relationships/dealing-with-divorce/