Chained No More: Healing for Adult Children of Divorce

Chained No MoreResearch shows that divorce impacts children well into their adult years.  In fact Judith Wallerstein and her colleagues identified a “sleeper effect” where many children of divorce don’t even experience the full impact of the their parents’ divorce until years later as they become adults themselves.  That said, there are very few resources available designed specifically for adult children of divorce.   Chained No More is one of the very few resources written specifically to address the issues experienced by adult children of divorce.

After years of working with younger children of divorce and teen children of divorce, Robyn Besemann felt led to develop a program:

“…for the adult children of divorce to help them explore and address the issues connected with the divorce of their parents and other childhood brokenness.”

The results was the Chained No More program.  The 13 week version of Chained No More includes a leader guide and participant books which help participants to explore the issues caused by their parents’ divorces in both a large group and small group format.  The curriculum is designed to:

    • Take participants back to that devastating experience
    • Help them explore the power it has had on them in their lives
    • Bring them toward healing
    • Finally, give them practical tools for a brighter and healthier future.

The book and curriculum are available at