Donald Harting is a child of divorce.  His parents separated when he was eight years old and divorced when he was 15.  He knows what it is like to lose an intact family and deal with the repercussions of divorce.  As a way to honor his parents, he has built a living memorial to them in the form of free books to help other children of divorced parents. You can find the program here.

And, the program does not offer just any books.  They have researched the best books available for preschool aged, elementary aged, middle school aged and teenaged children of divorce and picked the best book for each category.  As a result of their research they offer the following books for each category of children:

Mama Bear


Using watercolor illustrations and gentle explanations, Mama and Daddy Bears Divorce discusses changes (like Daddy moving out), but reassures little ones that important things will stay the same. As Dinah learns, “her daddy would always be her daddy, and her mama would always be her mama.” (Description from FSCC).



Elementary School

Written for curious kids with lots of questions, Dinosaurs Divorceby Marc Brown (author of the “Arthur” books) uses cartoon-style illustrations and straightforward, upbeat language to help kids investigate divorce. Dinosaurs Divorce explains why divorce happens and what changes to expect.Most importantly, Dinosaurs Divorce empowers kids with constructive advice for sharing their emotions and taking practical steps to make transitions easier. (Description from FSCC).



Middle School

This Newbery Honor book is a classic tale of survival and adventure, sure to engage young adult readers. However, there is more to Hatchet than meets the eye. Gary Paulsen has written a story about making tough decisions and finding one’s courage. The main character of the story struggles with his identity after his parents’ divorce, but as the book progresses, and the exciting story unfolds, readers will see that personal growth prevails. (Description from FSCC).




This short (120 pages) handbook takes a frank and practical look at how to reduce, if not eliminate, disruptions caused by parental divorce—especially when it comes to living in two different households.Teen readers learn to how to transition between homes and how to communicate their needs. Split in Two‘s comic-style illustrations dig deep into day-to-day issues. (Description from FSCC).
These books are available to children of divorce, parents and those who work with children of divorce.  You are also welcome to order multiple copies of each book for multiple kids.  I would encourage you to take advantage of this awesome resource!  If you do take advantage of the offer, please leave a comment below letting us know how you are using the books, and we will make sure Don gets the comments.