The Anger-ometer (Tracking Your Anger In Order to Deal With It)

If your parents are separated or divorced, there is a good chance you will experience anger at some point in the process.  There is nothing wrong with being angry.  How we choose to deal with that anger is important.  If we keep it all bottled up inside, we will suffer in the long run.  Or, if we choose inappropriate outlets for our anger, there can be unwanted consequences.

In order to deal with our anger, and important first step is recognizing when we get angry, how angry we get and what we do to express that anger.  That’s why we here I Am A Child of Divorce have developed:


Like a thermometer that measures temperature, you can use the Anger-ometer to measure the level of your anger and your reactions to it.  Use the Anger-ometer for a week to track your anger and look for any patterns.  Have a trusted friend or adult look at the results with you.  Click on the image below for a printable version of the Anger-ometer today.