Helping Teens Adjust to Stepparents (

Teens and Stepparents

…statistics show that one third of all children are likely to spend some time in a stepfamily while growing up.

Many times adjusting to a parent dating and/or getting remarried can be harder than the initial divorce.  This article from the TeensHealth portion of helps teens deal with adjusting to having a new stepparent.  The article does not sugar coat the situation:

Sometimes a stepparent can feel like a stranger who is suddenly inserted into the most personal aspects of your life. The pressure to get along can be intense.

Despite these issue, the article presents some practical things teens can do to adjust to these new step family situations including advice on how to deal with emotions like:

  • Keeping a journal
  • Seeking support from a friend
  • Talking to your parent or another trusted adult

The article also offers advice when it comes to “Facing the Realities.”