Advice For Parents Getting A Divorce (

Tips For Divorcing ParentsFrom, this article is intended to help parents who are currently going through a divorce. The article starts with the following honest assessment:

What’s the best way to help your family get through a divorce? Every situation — and every family — is different. But some stress reducing guidelines might make the adjustment a bit easier.

These suggestions can make the process less painful for kids, teens, and families. Parents will need to interpret them in their own ways; honesty, sensitivity, self-control, and time itself will help the healing process. Be patient — not everyone’s timetable is the same.

This article includes helpful advice for parents on:

  • Helping kids to manage their feelings.
  • Sheltering kids from adult arguments.
  • Keeping kids out of the middle.
  • Dealing with resistance to dating and remarriage.
  • Getting help


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