A Word About Advertising on I Am A Child of Divorce

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         You may have noticed that we are now offering advertising space on I Am A Child of Divorce.  As this marks a change in how we have done things in this past, it seemed appropriate to take a second to explain why we are now offering advertising space on the site.

Why Advertising?

I Am A Child of Divorce is a labor of love.  No one associated with the site is paid for their work on the site.  All time and resources to this point have been donated to the site in order to keep it up and running.  As the site has grown, more resources are required to keep it running smoothly.  Particularly as our support groups grow, we will need bigger and faster servers in order to run those groups.  The advertisements on this site will help to subsidize those expenses.

What types of advertising?

Honestly, we are not sure who will request to advertise on this site.  We will take steps to ensure, however, that no products which support divorce itself advertise on the site.  You won’t see adds for lawyers, etc.  It is possible that people who seek to make the process easier for children of divorce or single parents might advertise on the site.  We believe that this is consistent with our mission and will consider these on a case by case basis.  We love our advertisers because they will help to ensure the continuity of I Am A Child of Divorce.  However, we believe that our first responsibility lies with the users of this site, and we will keep that in mind in approving advertisers.

What do I do if I want to advertise?

We use a service called Beacon Ads for advertising on this site.  Just click on one of the boxes to the right and you will be directed to a site where you can sign up to advertise on the site.

How does this change I Am A Child of Divorce?

It doesn’t really.  Our mission, goal and plans have not changed.  We hope though that this revenue stream will allow to offer even more services and help to children of divorced/separated parents.