Our Family’s Changed: Help For Children From Changing Families




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What Is It?

This colorful storybook/workbook for 5-7 years old follows the story of Zoe and Seb.  Zoe and Seb have something in common.  Both of them have parents who have decided not to live together anymore.  In this book, you will learn their stories and some of the emotions and reactions they experience in response to their parents’ splits.  In addition to the story itself, this book includes fun activities like dot-to-dot pages, word searches, coloring pages, mazes and more.

Who Is It From?

This book was developed by the Australian Department of Human Services to “ assist you to talk to your
young child about what’s happening and help you to identify how your child may feel or think about the separation as well problems your child may experience during the separation. This book also aims to encourage your child to ask questions and talk about how they’re feeling or what they’re thinking.”

Who Is It For?

This resource is designed to be used by parents with their kids from aged five through seven to help them .


This booklet was developed by an Australian agency.  If you’re from this side of the pond, that means you’ll have to get used to some unfamiliar spelling and the word “mum” for mom.  Also, if you’re outside Australia, the resources listed in the back of the book might not do you much good.  In the end though, this is a top notched resource no matter where you’re from and a valuable tool to help younger kids deal with divorce and separation..