Advise for Moms on Helping Children Heal From Divorce

Advice for Moms

This article from First Wives World is directed towards moms with advice on how to help their children work through their issues related to the divorce.  I appreciate this article because is does not take the “your kids will happy” route that so many article aimed at parents seem to take.  Instead, it presents a realistic look at what divorce might be like for your kids.  Indeed the opening paragraph contains a stark reminder for parents:

Remember, it is not your job to make your children feel cheerful about the divorce, or to convince them that the divorce was a wise decision. Just listening to your child’s complaints means a great deal.

The article provides a cursory look at three common ways kids are hurt in the divorce process:

  1. Loss of the everyday.
  2. Loss of parents as they used to be.
  3. Loss of material things

Part two of this important series offers mom’s some insights into signs that their kids are hurting from the divorce including things like selfishness, lack of ambition and anger.

This article, and part 2 of the series, provides parents with some basic information on how divorce might impact their kids.  If you are divorced, or considering a divorce, you should definitely read these articles.