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Welcome to I Am A Child of Divorce.  We’re glad you’re here.  On this site you will find resources and a community dedicated to helping children to understand and heal from their parents’ divorce or separation.

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Online Support Groups
Online Support GroupsWe officially launched our online support groups for teens from disrupted homes back in 2013. We are currently in the process of re-configuring the entire program to make it more accessible and user driven.  These free groups are conducted entirely online here on I Am A Child of Divorce with the help of a dedicated facilitator. Each participant engages in self-guided activities and reflection at their own pace and we convene every other week online to chat (in a confidential chat room) about what we’ve learned and to share our questions and experiences. The goal of the group is to find hope and healing while being equipped with tools to help teens heal from their parents’ divorce. If you are interested, please click here to register for this site then visit our group page [LINK COMING SOON!] to learn more about how the group works. Register and get started today!!! You can also visit our calendar page for a complete listing of upcoming chats.
Featured Resource
MFW Title PageWe are pleased to announce the release of a brand new resource here on I Am A Child of Divorce.  The “My Feelings Workbook” is a vehicle for children of divorce to identify, name and understand the emotions they are feeling during or after the divorce of their parents.  Make sure to download this free e-book (or individual pages to print).
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